89-Year-Old Dog Lover Hand Knitted 450 Coats and Blankets for Shelter Dogs in Need

Twitter/Dogs Trust

89-year-old Maisie Green, had been hand knitting for shelter dogs at her local shelter – Dogs Trust. With the help of Maisie’s family delivering her blankets and coats, this friendly bunch donates three times a year. Of these years approximately 450 coats and blankets had been knitted, delivered, donated and fitted for pups in need.

As we all know from experience, knitting takes time, and on average it takes Maisie 3 days to knit a blanket and a day to knit a coat.

Maisie Loves knitting and she love dogs, the two combines both wonderful together. It takes Maisie about three days to knit one blanket and one day to knit a dog coat. Maisie enjoys knitting while watching TV. As Maisie has expressed, she is thoroughly delighted to be of help to the pups at the Dogs Trust Centre.

One person can make such a different. It is beautiful!

Dogs Trust
Dogs Trust

Dogs Trust is the largest Shelter organisation in the United Kingdom, with 20 branches up to date, spread throughout the UK. Dogs Trust are easily accessible from nearly every city on the continent.

If you feeling attracted to help support dogs in need? You may get involved, sponsor, donate, rehome and/or help rehoming dogs by spreading the message.
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